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Making Technology Work At Home

Our commitment to proven and innovative technology solutions goes beyond business applications. Why, some of the stuff we install for small businesses works pretty slick at home and of course, there are those specialty things that are just for home. Prowire has a long history of helping business people navigate the technology at home with theater systems, house sound, communication, and connectivity while implementing security and surveillance that protect and provide peace of mind. Let us help you streamline your technology at home.

Home Security

A home security system by Prowire gives peace of mind knowing that your home is protected and you are in control. Our security systems can monitor for intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, water, low temperature, as well as keep you in touch with what is happening at your house. Prowire has teamed up with Honeywell as an authorized dealer for over 20 years offering the latest in security products and services. Remote services with Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 over Internet and cellular connectivity give you quick and reliable information directly to your mobile device and to our central station for 24 hour live dispatching.

Audio Video

Imagine… a home theater experience in the comfort of your own living room — integrated control that is easy to use–sound throughout the house –high definition video with integrated audio — a web-based controller.

Prowire takes the frustration out and puts the enjoyment into your entertainment system. We discern customers’ individual needs and design accordingly. Whether it is equipment you own or equipment you need, our custom installation approach will assure that you get the best installation and use of your technology.

Structured Wiring

“Structured Wiring” is the technology/communications wiring backbone of a house through which Internet, communications, entertainment, security, and control is distributed. Bringing all the structured wiring to a central location (such as the basement mechanical room) provides an efficient and easy way to connect and distribute service throughout the entire house. It increases speed, puts the homeowner in control and future-proofs the house. Centralized structured wiring will increase the value of your home to for you and it is very likely that the next buyer will be looking for it.


Prowire camera systems allow you to watch your house virtually anywhere in the world. Cloud based Honeywell Skybell doorbell and WIFI Total connect cameras integrate with the Total Connect Security Ap to send and store video clips in the cloud for easy access. With vital information easily accessible, problems are quickly identified and taken care of. Your business locations and home can be combined on the same Total Connect Ap. As well, Prowire offers home based camera systems that store higher resolution images on a HD video recording box located in the home. Remote access to the camera system is accomplished through an Internet connect and separate Ap on your phone or computer. IP Cameras are hardwired making this a more robust and reliable system.

Have a Prowire professional show you the full potential of home technology.