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Making Communications Work

Communications has never been so easy and yet making it all work can be challenging. You need a partner that can show options and integrate your office phones with email, text, and mobile devices. Prowire is that partner. We utilize Panasonic equipment and the newest technology to save you money and help you harness the power of your small business communications system.

The Tools of Communications


Having the right equipment is a key component of a communications solution. Panasonic is a leader of innovative communications equipment and technology. As an authorized dealer for over 30 year, Prowire can put reliable Panasonic phones, systems, and services to work for your small business


Making communication available and controllable over several convenient platforms help get the information quickly to the right person. Prowire and Panasonic help you bridge the gap between voice mail, email and your mobile devices so you can stay in touch not matter where you are and what device you are using.

SIP Lines

These digital communication paths are inexpensive and packed with smarts. SIP lines allow quick transparent transferring of calls and caller information across many devices. Prowire uses these smart lines to communicate via Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and the Internet to your on site equipment


Sometimes it makes economic sense to put your commmunication system in the cloud, so to you can take full advantage of all the last technology without maintaining equipment. A hosted solution allows you to take your phone anywhere you have an Internet connection and maintain an office like appearance, or use a phone GUI on your desktop, tablet, or mobile devise. Prowire will use Panasonic NSv Connect and Panasonic SIP phones make hosted technology work for you.

Traditional Phone Stuff

A Plain Old Telephone (POTS) line, fax machines, modems are quickly becoming a thing of the past but hold on. There is still a lot of this stuff out there and Prowire help you use this technology and gradually move you into the future, or not…it’s up to you.

Have a Prowire communication professional show you cost and feature comparison of your existing system and Panasonic solution.