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Keeping Eyes on the Business

Helping you keep your eyes on the business when you there or away. Let Prowire show you how you can a camera system to help manage your business.

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Keeping Your Eyes on the Business

A Prowire camera system allows you to keep your eyes in several places around the business all at once. This helps you oversee the business and puts vital recorded information at easy access to help identify problems and solve open-ended issues. This historical information also protects employees and business assets from being abused. Our camera systems also offer live viewing so you can check-in and around the business at any time with an Internet-connected device.

Prowire Camera Systems

IP Cameras

IP enabled Cameras make for easy installation utilizing a single Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable for both power and video. These cameras provide high resolution images and smart connectivity.

HD over Coax

Utilizing existing analog coax cabling from older cameras system and upgrading to high resolutions is a snap with by using new digital coaxial cameras. These cameras provide a smooth clear picture over existing coax cabling.

PTZ, 360 Fisheye, and 180 Cameras

These specialty cameras provide a way to view larger and awkward areas often with fewer cameras and better angles. Modern features like remote control, electronic de-warping, and zoom make these cameras the best option for small businesses, warehouses, and many more applications.

NVRs and DVRs

Network Video Recorders and Digital Video Record are the center of a camera system where video is record on to hard drives and access to the camera system is controlled.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

These cameras use unique characteristics of license plates to illumine and pop the lettering and numbers for easy identification. This is one of the surer ways to catch and prosecute an offender.


Integrating cameras to POS, access control and security systems can combine key events from these system with recording video for a better and quicker understanding of an issue.

Cloud Services

Recorded and live camera video can be stored and view via Internet cloud services which eliminating some on site equipment and makes for easier remote maintenance.

Have a Prowire professional show you the best way to utilize camera technology.