4 Best Small Business Security Systems to Consider in 2023

Finding the right security system for your small business is a complex undertaking. Considering the multitude of brands, system providers, and monitoring options available, it’s no surprise that people tend to gravitate to a company that provides an all-in-one canned solution.

But is that really the best choice for your business? The short answer is no.

Since every business is different, these all-in-one canned solutions typically don’t check all the boxes you need to keep your small business safe. Not to mention, they do not take in consideration the growth of your small business and that might cause your start from scratch down the road.

The good news is we’re going to be covering 4 of the best small business security systems to consider, along with the next steps for installing your security system.

manager choosing the best small business security system

1. Honeywell and Resideo Small Business Security System

If you’re a small business owner looking for a customized solution for your business, Honeywell and Resideo are going to be your best bet. With a wide variety of systems, integrations with video and other system, and monitoring capabilities, Honeywell and Resideo offer a unique solution that can grow with the needs of your business.

Honeywell/Resideo systems are installed and serviced by a network of independent authorized dealer. These dealers usually are small businesses themselves, so you gain the small business advantage of less frustrating layers, more attention to details, flexibility, and a larger sense of ownership throughout. As well, your small business security system is not locked into the company that installed it. There are several authorized dealers that could take over the monitoring and service of the system without changing out the equipment.

In our experience as a security and communications dealer in Minnesota, we have installed hundreds of Honeywell and Resideo systems because of their reliability and flexibility to match exactly what our clients are looking for and they can adapt to grow with your business. As well the partnership between an award-winning manufacturer and knowledgeable independent dealer is the best of both worlds.

• Variety of alarm transmission methods, including WIFI, Internet, LTE, and POT phone lines
• Expansive selection of control panels, sensors.
• Hardwired, wireless, and combination systems
• Remote access for arming/disarming, admin updates, historical data, video and more
• Customizable solutions to match the needs of your business
• Independ dealer network that gives you flexibility and more control.
• Quality, leading-edge manufacture.
• Flexible monitoring options
• Depending on the dealer, monitoring is not required.

• Requires professional installation
• More expensive than DIY and out of the box solutions

2. ADT Business Security System

ADT security is another solid option for business owners to consider. They have been around for over a century, have a proven track record, and offer some solid industry specific solutions to cover all of your security needs.

Since ADT is a large national company, they use a variety of manufacturer for their systems. ADT’s systems are usually OEMed by Honeywell/Resideo and other manufacturers to be proprietary to ADT so only ADT can service and monitor these systems.

Their security systems are fairly flexible and can allow for integration of other sensors and security measures as time goes on. And with easy monitoring features, their systems are a solid option for business owners.

• Industry specific solutions
• Remote monitoring capabilities
• Long history in the industry
• 9 US monitoring centers

• Requires on-site service for quote
• 3-year minimum contracts with heavy cancellation fees
• Equipment and service can be expensive for small businesses
• All systems require monitoring

office security system monitoring team

3. SimpliSafe Security Systems

SimpliSafe is a newer company that offers a DIY self service approach to the security industry. While technically a residential security system, their approach allows for flexible customization to homes which transfer nicely to smaller businesses as well.

In addition to being a flexible security option, their solutions are also compatible with other wireless smart home devices making it easy to add video and voice. Since they are targeting the residential sector, their costs are minimal with DIY friendly installation that require monitoring but at a lower monthly service fees for some service. While this is a great advantage for those on a tight budget, it also means limited support for businesses needing more guidance selecting and setting up their equipment. It also means that you on the hook for servicing your own system.

• Lower end of the cost spectrum
• Flexible monitoring options
• Easy Installing done by yourself

• Equipment selection and installation is left entirely up to the user
• All equipment must be paid upfront
• Requires monitoring
• No in person service

4. Vivint Security Systems

Vivint security systems, like SimpliSafe is primarily for residential system but like SimpliSafe many of residential elements transfer nicely to smaller businesses. Vivint base package include some video unlike ADT and includes technology like 4K HDR, AI detection with built-in noise and sound deterrents. With all of these features together help clearly monitor activity inside and outside your business.

Vivint systems require profession installation by a Vivint dealer. Like all higher end things, it come with a higher price tag. Vivint camera integration is notably more expensive than most other options. It should also be noted that Vivint has limited offerings outside basic security and integrated video.

Overall, Vivint security systems are great for owners/managers looking for simple residential features and professional installation.

• Professional installation
• Nice video integration
• User friendly app
• In-camera noise and sound deterrents.

• Long contracts lasting 3-5 years
• Video surveillance equipment is notably more expensive
• Limited security offerings for Small Businesses.

woman using small business security system keypad

How to Get the Most Out of Your Small Business Security System

If you’re looking to get the most out of your security system, we highly recommend going with a solution that is properly equipped to protect and grow with your business. While our personal preference is with Honeywell and Resideo security systems, there are plenty of other options available that will keep your business safe.

The most important factor of any security system is really in the implementation. First understanding and vetting the hardware and service options and the company you will be working with and then having your staff trained on how to properly use all of the available features will make the greatest difference in your business’s security.

If you’re looking for an experienced MN based security and communications team to partner with, make sure to reach out to us at Prowire. Not only will we guide you through equipment selection, but we will handle everything from installation to implementation so your team can properly utilize the features your system has to offer.

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