• High Speed Internet Service - Cable, Ethernet Over Copper (EOC), Fiber, and DSL.
  • SIP Trunking - Feature rich,inexpensive voice lines that can be used in conjunction with a Panasonic or Adtran system.
  • Hosted Phone Service (HPS) - Phone service where the phone system is hosted in the Internet Cloud.  This provides feature rich phone services that are mobile and affordable.
  • Point to Point and MPLS - Direct secure data connect between businesses with multiple sites networked together.
  • T-1 Service - a very reliable 24 channel 1.5 Mbs connection to a carrier that can be used to provide data and voice services.

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Voice and Data Services

Prowire offers a variety of voice and data services for small businesses from all the major carriers such as Comcast, Integra, Aitech, Windstream, Century Link, Charter Communications, Nexterrra, and Enventis.


The cost of voice and data services is one business expense that has consistently dropped in price while increasing in value. A small business that has not recently analyzed its expenses and services in this area is more than likely paying too much for antiquated services. Prowire can objectively filter the offerings of all of these carriers based on the location and the needs of the business to offer the best value. As well, the cost of implementing a robust communication system may be far less than imagined when offset by the savings in data and voice services that the system can utilize. The immediate impact on the bottom line is minimal while gaining a significant increase in business efficiencies.


Filtering through all the Internet and voice options can be very time consuming and confusing.  With our expertise, Prowire is in the unique position of looking at all these options from an unbiased perspective and working on the owner’s behalf to deliver the best value. Just another way Prowire makes technology work for small business.

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Hosted Phone Services from Aitech

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