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  • Data WiringData cabling provides reliable connectivity between computers and other devices. Different types of cabling and connectors are used based on the required speed, equipment, and budget. Wiring jobs include Cat 5(E), Cat 6 , Cat 7,  Fiber Optics
  • Wi-Fi Systems - Prowire can create a wireless network that secures company and user information yet allows public Internet access.
  • Data Switches/Routers - These boxes connect computer wiring together, route connectivity and help devices "get along” on the network.  Prowire provides, installs and programs data switches and routers so that the network is secure and reliable.

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Prowire understands that data is a critical business asset that needs to be secured and retrieved in a fast and effective manner. The data network is fast becoming the infrastructure for all business information including video, voice and remote control. It is critical that the data wiring is ran, organized and terminated properly.  Prowire has the proven experience and expertise in data wiring and networking to design and implement a clean network solution that fits the needs of any small business. The owner can rest assured that the data network will fit the budget, yet provide the speed and flexibility that a large business enjoys.

Data networking is a critical tool for every business. Whether a “wiring only” job or some network equipment and design needs, Prowire is a dependable partner that gets the job done right and within budget. Data networking is another way Prowire makes technology work for small businesses

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